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Envision IT Image Rotator for SharePoint

Envision IT is SharePoint 2013 Ready 


This product has been discontinued as of February 1st 2015.

If you have purchased this product and require support, please contact us.


The Envision IT Image Rotator allows images stored in a SharePoint Asset Library to be displayed in a rotating sequence on a web site. Each image acts as a launching pad to a target URL that may promote a campaign, product, special event, news item, or any number of things. When visitors come to the site they are able to interact with the images, which includes pausing the rotation or clicking a numbered button or icon to advance to a specific image in the queue.

With the newest release of the Image Rotator feature it is more adaptive than ever. Depending on the device you are using the Image Rotator changes size by recognizing whether it is a computer, tablet, or phone. Now the rotating sequence of images on your home page will always be the right size and fit the screen that people are browsing from.

See how our clients have used the Image Rotator for SharePoint to enhance their web sites:



The Image Rotator follows the same rules as other SharePoint web content, with the publishing start and end date and time of the images determining when they appear on the site and a numeric field associated with each image controlling the order of the rotation. With the Envision IT Image Rotator for SharePoint, refreshing a home page takes minimal effort for content contributors. Valuable real estate on the home page is increased dramatically as multiple images with associated text and links can be displayed in the same limited space.

The Envision IT Image Rotator is used by clients such as Cadillac Fairview, Canadian Tire Corporation, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, and College of Early Childhood Educators to name a few.

The Envision IT Image Rotator for SharePoint has been discontinued as of February 1st 2015.


  • Refreshing a web site home page or any content page takes minimal effort for content contributors

  • Valuable real estate on the home page is increased dramatically

  • Number and sequence of images in the rotation is easily configured

  • Visitors are invited to interact with the site, clicking on images to visit targeted pages

  • Scheduled start and end dates allow images to be queued for appearance

  • Content approval and publishing are supported