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Envision IT is SharePoint 2013 ReadyEnvision IT Photo Viewer for SharePoint

SharePoint includes asset libraries for storing pictures and Envision IT has leveraged these features by building the Photo Viewer for SharePoint, a stand-alone application developed in Silverlight that is installed on SharePoint and added to web content pages to display photographs in a gallery format.  The Envision IT Photo Viewer provides a rich end-user experience for viewing photos on a SharePoint web site.  Skin the web part using Expression Blend, and add it to any content page in your site.


Users interact with the Photo Gallery to select one event from a listing of events and see a grouping of thumbnail photos from that event.  The user then selects a specific photo, or invokes a slideshow presentation.  All photos are stored in an Asset or Picture Library within the site and are easily managed by content authors.

The Photo Gallery exists as a page within the site and the Photo Viewer is designed to display each event as a clickable menu item.  Applications may include display of corporate event photos, product displays and portfolios, and historical timelines. A sample is shown below:


See how the Photo Viewer was used by the Shops at Don Mills and Samuel, Son & Co.

The Envision IT Photo Viewer for SharePoint is $1,000 per production SharePoint farm plus an annual Software Assurance fee.

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The Envision IT Photo Viewer for SharePoint provides a rich end-user experience for viewing photos on a SharePoint web site.

Features include:

  • Photo Viewer is an easily deployed SharePoint web part that content authors can add to any content page

  • Select a SharePoint Asset Library and the Photo Viewer will build a slide show

  • Users navigate through thumbnails, and view photographs as a timed slideshow and in full screen

  • Photos are displayed  in a web-optimized format while the full resolution source images may be downloaded by site visitors

  • Easier sharing and management of photographs and images

  • Image titles and descriptions are displayed, with titles also appearing as thumbnail tooltips