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2008 CDN Channel Elite Awards Winner

​​​Envision IT Wins Bronze in the Mid-Market Solution Category

The Channel Elite Awards showcase the top solutions and innovative marketing initiatives and recognize outstanding achievements of Canadian IT solution providers. Envision IT announced today that it has been selected as a Bronze Winner for the 2008 CDN Channel Elite Awards in the Mid-Market Solution Category. The Channel Elite Awards recognize Canadian IT Solution Providers for their innovation, leadership, and commitment to creating value for their customers. The best Mid-Market Solution Award honours the partner that has created the most innovative and problem solving hardware, networking, online, or software-based solution for a mid-size organization or department. All winners and finalists were honoured at a gala event on October 28, 2008.

Envision IT was selected as a Bronze Winner based on the work done at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the SharePoint Extranet solution developed for the Wait Times pilot project for children in need of surgery. This federally funded national surgical wait times strategy includes the development of the first pan-Canadian wait times information system to measure the burden of waiting times for children who need surgery. This project is being conducted in partnership with Canada's 16 pediatric academic health science centres under the leadership of the Pediatric​ Surgical Chiefs of Canada and SickKids. The SharePoint Extranet solution provided an efficient and secure way to share information between all of the 16 participating sites.

Under a stringent timeline, Envision IT deployed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a portal for the project. Peter Mackenzie, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Envision IT, said the solution has since allowed staff members at all 16 member hospitals to collaborate and share documents and information with one another, which he said, was often a challenge to do in the past. This provided the ability for the staff at all 16 member hospitals to collaborate together and exchange documents and information.  In addition, Joe Seguin, Senior Consultant at Envision IT, said the company combined its Extranet Module solution with MOSS to enable users to log in and manage their user accounts on an individual basis. Because MOSS 2007 is part of Microsoft’s Office 2007 system, users can collaborate with one another, create portals, conduct searches, create and manage documents, content, and workflows, as well as streamline business processes.

“We created an easy way for administrators to add new users, change their passwords, retrieve them, and reset them all without having to go to their IT staff,” Joe Seguin said. “It’s a self-service model.”

This project was also the subject of a Microsoft Case Study, and was featured recently in Compute​r Dealer News. Elizabeth Caley, group product manager at Microsoft Canada, said MOSS 2007 has been one of the fastest growing releases worldwide for the company to date and she notes that there are currently over 65 partners actively deploying this solution across the country.

“What Envision IT has done has been a heartwarming project and we’re excited about this,” Elizabeth Caley said. “We see SharePoint at the hub of our business productivity solutions. It’s one of the things you can get up and running very quickly.”

About Envision IT

For over 20 years, Envision IT has helped our clients fully realize the potential they can gain by bringing their processes to life on the Internet.  Envision IT specializes in developing customized web-based information technology solutions leveraging Microsoft technology. Known as the “go-to” partner for Microsoft SharePoint solutions, Envision IT builds integrated public web sites, intranets, extranets, and web applications that leverage our clients existing systems anywhere over the Internet.​

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.