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2009 Canadian Information Security Awards Runner Up

​​ SecTor Awards 

Envision IT Recogniz​ed for the Best Canadian Commercial Security Product​

Envision IT is pleased to announce that they were awarded the Runner up for the Best Canadian Commercial Security Product at the recently held Canadian Information Security Awards.

In conjunction with the 3rd annual Security Education Conference (SecTor), organizers introduced the Canadian Information Security Awards Competition. The awards have been created to recognize Canadian based IT Professionals, Developers, Independent Software and Hardware Vendors who have developed both commercial and non-commercial security tools or created innovative security solutions to address some of today’s biggest security challenges. The Best Canadian Commercial Security Product Award is presented for the commercial security tool and/or solution that helps detect and protect systems and information from threats.

Envision IT was the Runner up in this category for their Extranet User Manager for SharePoint.  The Envision IT Extranet User Manager provides an extension to SharePoint and Active Directory that affords account creation and management, password changes and lost password retrieval over the web.  It allows organizations the ability to manage accounts for administrators, content creators and approvers, whether hosted internally or externally.  It includes forms-based authentication to SharePoint using either Active Directory or SQL Server.  Customers can collaborate with external vendors, partners, suppliers and others in a secure environment with individual permission levels.  Features include:

  • Self-service and business user web interfaces for setup of Extranet users
  • Welcome email with account validation and secure password setup
  • Password change and self-serve retrieval of lost usernames and password resets
  • Display of sites each user or group has access to across SharePoint servers
  • Active Directory or SQL Server forms-based authentication

Learn more about Envision IT's Extranet User Manager for SharePoint.​

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