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MVP Mix: SharePoint Cross-Site Publishing Simplified

Friday, September 25, 2015
 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Microsoft Canada - 1950 Meado​wvale Boulevard, Mississauga​​

Join Peter Carson, President of Envision IT and Extranet User Manager, at the MVP Mix on Friday, September 25 where he will be speaking on SharePoint cross-site publishing. This event is a one-day technical conference organized by Chander Dhall and Sofia Chorniy. It is a top .NET conference from the Southern US that is coming to Toronto and is a great opportunity for networking. The event will cover Microsoft technologies.

SharePoint Cross-Site Publishing​​ Simplified Session

Cross site publishing is a powerful feature of both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. However, it is not a simple feature to configure and deploying it across multiple dev/test/prod environments can be a real challenge. In this session we'll look at how we combine the power of search REST APIs in SharePoint with Handlebars client site code to simplify and improve on cross-site publishing.  We'll be using the Envision Shakespeare Company open source reference project ( as well as our own internal and client projects.

​About the Presenter​​

President of Envision IT and SharePoint MVP Peter Carson is a recognized expert in SharePoint and Extranet strategies. See his full bio and keep up with his posts at Peter's blog.

​​Extranet User Manager

Envision IT's Extranet User Manager extends SharePoint to allow business users to create and manage external users, users to self-register, workflows, and an enhanced login experience for Office 365 and SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

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