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Webinar: Office 365 Information Architecture and Migration

​ Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10:30 AM- 11:30 AM EST

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Join Microsoft SharePoint MVP Peter Carson for the second session of the Envision IT Office 365 Webinar Series.  This series starts with a tour of the Office 365 suite and its security features that make you not only more productive in the cloud, but also more secure.  Next we’ll give you a glimpse into what it takes to build a SharePoint Information Architecture for your organization, and discuss the migration path to the cloud.  Our third session covers user experience (including smartphone and tablets), branding, and navigation.

   Office 365 for Business 

SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are powerful places to collaborate and work together.  Without providing design, governance, and training though, they can become a Wild West of knowledge that can get out of control.  Before looking to migrate into the cloud, either from file shares or SharePoint, care must be taken to design a proper information architecture for your organization.  In this session we'll give you a glimpse into building behind a solid information architecture as the foundation for your SharePoint and OneDrive solutions.

Once you've decided how to organize and secure your content, the next big task is deciding how to move all that content there.  In the past, large migrations could take weeks or months to complete.  With recent changes by Microsoft, massive improvements in migration speeds can now be realized.  We'll cover Sharegate's Migration & Management Tool with their Insane Mode for Faster Migration to Office 365. Sharegate allows you to efficiently and effectively move straight to Office 365.


Through this whole process, developing a solid governance plan is also key to success.  Defining not only what can people do, but what SHOULD they do is key.  Hand in hand with this is the change management plan and training to make for a successful rollout. ​

Peter Carson


President of Envision IT and Office 365 MVP, Peter Carson is a recognized expert in Office 365 and SharePoint strategies. See his full bio.  Learn more and follow Peter's blog at

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