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Webinar: Running Effective Projects in Office 365 October 2015

​In collaboration with IT Unity

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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Many organizations create project site templates to manage their projects in SharePoint, either online or on premises. However SharePoint is only part of the equation when it comes to collaborating effectively on projects. Office 365 Groups attempt to go further with that, but end up scaling back on what you can do in SharePoint. We've blended the best of both together.

This webinar is being offered in collaboration with IT Unity, which is a new site that empowers individuals and organizations to solve business problems with technology. IT Unity is a community of trusted experts, users, business decision makers, IT professionals, developers, and industry solution providers—everyone who works with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. It is a place to come together to connect, share, discover, and develop.​

Office 365 

This session​​ will cover the following:


  • Review of a projects site template we've created in Office 365 using SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups
  • How we extend the Office 365 Groups UI, and also include it in the SharePoint sites
  • Build a site creation workflow process to automate the creation of sites and groups in Office 365, project groups in Extranet User Manager, and configure all the permissions
  • Use Nintex Forms and Workflows to drive this process
  • Inviting external users into the project site with Extranet User Manager
  • How to maintain private internal content and project content shared with the external group
  • Single sign-on to other project tools outside of Office 365
Peter Carson 

​About the Presenter​

Peter Carson, President of Envision IT and Office 365 MVP, is a recognized expert in Office 365 and SharePoint strategies. View his full bio. Learn more and follow Peter's blog at​

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