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Envision IT a Proud Supporter of the Ride for Rob

Ride for Rob 

First Annual Ride For Rob a Resounding Success​

Mississauga, June 29, ​2009 - A simple morning ride on October 5, 2008 would change Rob Buren’s life forever. An over the bars incident that shouldn’t have been anything more than a laugh - broke his spine at vertebrae T11, leaving him without feeling from the top of his abdominals down. It's amazing how quickly a spinal cord injury can happen to anyone - in fact there are 350 - 400 new spinal cord injuries in Ontario every year.

One positive outcome has been the ​rallying of family and friends. A few things quickly  became apparent as the weeks passed. First, that Rob would be facing an expensive challenge: financially, emotionally and physically. Second, that however horrible it may be, he was actually one of the lucky ones. He still has the use of his upper body and he doesn’t have to retrain for a new job.

Peter Carson, President of Envision IT, first got to know Rob during his tenure at CMS Consulting, and that continued now that Rob is with Microsoft Canada.  Brian Bourne is the principal of CMS Consulting, and his company and Envision IT have worked closely together for many years. As Brian and Peter are both cycling enthusiasts along with Rob, they felt a fundraiser for Rob and the Canadian Paraplegic Association would be a great idea, and that a ride would be the right way to do it. So was born the Ride for Rob.

The Ride for Rob took place on June 20-21, 2009. Teams of riders tagged onto an existing 24-hour endurance race called the Summer Solstice held at Albion Hills and rode around the clock from noon on the Saturday to noon on the Sunday. Thanks to some windy, wet weather, what could have been a fun weekend on some great trails became a very difficult and unbelievably challenging slog thru the mud. In retrospect, the challenge riders faced was small compared to Rob’s and entirely worth doing. Over $50,000 was raised for Rob and the Canadian Paraplegic Association. The support everyone brought to the event was fantastic. Rob has been an inspiration to all of us, and it was great to see riders, sponsors, supporters and onlookers out to support him and his family.

Rob Buren  The Ride for Rob Team

Brian Bourne and Peter Carson 

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