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Envision IT and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada are Iron SharePoint Winners at SharePoint Summit 2011

Envision IT competed recently in the SharePoint Summit 2011 conference, taking home top honours for its work in building a dynamic and customized Intranet website for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC).

Winning the coveted “Iron SharePoint” competition, Envision IT successfully built an innovative SharePoint solution over an intense two-day period. The Iron SharePoint challenge is a take-off of the hit television series Iron Chef. A panel of expert judges reviewed the competition and declared Envision IT’s solution the winner.

“It was a tough 48 hours, but the joint Envision IT and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada team are Iron SharePoint champions,” says Peter Carson, President of Envision IT. “It was an amazing result. The team effort from James Brett, Janusz Cieplucha and Mike Beaudry from Envision IT and Peter Walker and Susan Bower from BGCC was fantastic.”​​

Iron SharePoint Presentation

​As Iron SharePoint Winners, Envision IT received $5,000 courtesy of SharePoint Summit, which it donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (left to right Mike Beaudry, James Brett, Peter Carson, Pam Joliffe, and Susan Bower).

In the Iron SharePoint competition, teams face a tight deadline to develop a SharePoint solution with only their experience and ingenuity to guide them to victory. Along the way, there are obstacles and challenges to test even the most inventive individuals.

The outcome of the competition led to the development of a new Intranet for BGCC national office staff. It was developed as a SharePoint 2010 publishing and collaboration site. The Intranet, known as Clubhouse, enables information sharing for BGCC employees in areas such as resources, public policy, infrastructure and operational excellence. It allows users to collaborate selectively inside a secure SharePoint environment.

“We needed a rich, secure and functional Intranet to share resources, references, tools and tips amongst our internal staff,” says Susan Bower, VP, Business Operations, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. “The platform we developed will foster greater collaboration and resource sharing for our employees.”

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