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Envision IT Azure SharePoint Proof of Concept Program

Microsoft AzureThe  Envision IT Azure SharePoint Proof of Concept Program is part of our Cloud Services offering.  It is intended to allow organizations that are considering using Microsoft Azure to host their SharePoint environment a chance to gain first-hand experience.  Whether it is to host their public web site on SharePoint, their Extranet, or their internal collaboration, SharePoint on Azure allows them to use the full features of SharePoint.

The typical scenario for a proof of concept funding may include an assessment of capacity requirements for the SharePoint farm, architectural review for scalability or high availability, and the migration of some portion​ of the anticipated SharePoint workload into an Azure hosted SharePoint 2013 farm.

Deliverables from the proof of concept can include:

  • SharePoint 2013 capacity plan
  • Farm design with options for high availability
  • Hosting of a POC site in the Envision IT SharePoint 2013 Azure farm
  • Pricing options for the build and on-going operation of a dedicated Azure hosted farm

Some or all of the proof of concept funding may be provided by Microsoft, pending review and approval by Microsoft on a case by case basis. SharePoint Deployment Planning Services funding can also be used for delivery of the POC.

For more information on the Envision IT Azure SharePoint Proof of Concept Program, including background on other POCs delivered, please contact

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.