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Envision IT is SharePoint 2013 Ready

SharePoint 2013 

Mississauga, November 8, 2012 - Envision IT is excited to announce to that that our Developers and Consultants have been busy ramping up on the new SharePoint 2013 platform, and our products fully support the new release. SharePoint 2013 is now released to manufacturing (RTM) and Envision IT has been hard at work throughout 2012 learning what it has to offer to provide more solutions to our customers.  Our Suite of Products fully supports SharePoint 2013. These products are designed to make SharePoint easier to use and provide a richer experience for account managers, content authors and end users. Rest assured that you can take advantage of all enhanced functionality offered by SharePoint 2013.​​​

Extranet User Manager

​The good news for us is that the fundamental architecture for authenticating users in SharePoint is basically unchanged from 2010 to 2013.  Our Hydra Login still lets us log users in using their email address against multiple AD and/or SQL user stores.​

The good news for you is that Microsoft has gone much further in embracing Claims authentication in 2013.  This means features that didn't work with Claims and FBA in 2010 (Open in Explorer, InfoPath Forms Services, BI, etc.) now work in Claims mode.

Photo Viewer

​Image Renditions are a powerful new feature in SharePoint 2013.  They allow you to define different resolution versions of images to be created on the fly as requested, and cached for performance. For more background on how they work, see Peter's blog.

Photo Viewer leverages this by choosing the optimal rendition at run time for the size of the user's display.  The image rendition closest to the display size is used to give the highest quality image while minimizing the image file size.

Image Rotator

​Image Rotator also leverages renditions in SharePoint 2013.  Normally content authors need to careful size their images for home page rotations so they are all the same size and rotate nicely.  With 2013 you can define a rendition size to match your rotation, and Image Rotator will use it.  Content authors still have the option to change the scaling and cropping on their images right through the browser if they choose to.

Video Player 

SharePoint 2013 has gone much further in supporting videos.  The new Video content type stores not only the video (in multiple renditions if desired), but also a thumbnail for the video that you can capture right from the video in the browser.  However it still doesn't deal with rendering that video in the optimal format (preferably Smooth streaming) to a variety of devices.

Our Video Player web part allows you to stream multiple renditions including Smooth Streaming, from a variety of sources inside and outside of SharePoint.  We also support the new 2013 video content type, and can even leverage the Image Renditions on the video thumbnails in it.

Custom 404 

Yes, SharePoint 2013 now supports a friendly 404 page that you can author like any other page. It also supports SEO-friendly URLs, so you can use shortened and simplified URLs. These are two things that our Custom 404 still provides for SharePoint 2010.

However if you are remapping all of your URLs in your new site, you still need our product to redirect all of those old URLs to their new homes in 2013.

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.