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Envision IT Launches New Feature on Toronto-Dominion Centre Website

​Toronto, October 21, 2011 - Envision IT is excited to unveil the latest feature addition to the Toronto-Dominion Centre Website – an interactive stacking plan that provides a graphically rich, interactive way to explore the office availability at the six buildings making up the Toronto-Dominion Centre. This feature was developed purely in HTML without the use of Flash, Silverlight or SVG’s so that the broadest set of devices including mobile and the iPad can interact with it.

Stacking Plans

Initially all six buildings are presented together, with the ability to see the available space on all floors, and interact with them to see the details.  Each building can also be explored in detail in a similar fashion.

Available floors are indicated by the coloured floors matching with the existing legend for each of the buildings.​​

​Hovering the mouse over an individual building presents a fly out menu below providing the details on the available suites.  Details on each suite are presented in chart form, along with some general information on the building. Within the chart, the building name is a hyperlink to the detail view for that building.  Clicking with the mouse on the building also takes visitors to the detail view. Each suite in the chart is a hyperlink to the respective suite page.
Stacking Plans with Menu
Stacking Plans Detail

The detail view page shows availability for individual buildings. Hovering over each floor with available space brings up a fly-out to the right listing the details of each suite that is available on that floor.  Suite numbers are hyperlinked to the suite pages.


​​About Toronto-Domi​nion Centre

Toronto-Dominion Centre, owned and managed by The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, is one of North America's largest business communities. Located at the heart of Toronto's financial core, its presence, reputation and stature make it an architectural, corporate and cultural landmark. Each business day, it is home to over 20,000 office citizens. Its visionary design, enviable location, superb amenities and impeccable tenant service have shaped the success of a generation of Canada's most respected business leaders. The Centre consists of six towers in a six acre complex and is home to over 100 tenants while the retail concourse has more than 75 shops and restaurants.

Read more about the Toronto-Dominion Website.

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