The City of Barrie Website Goes Mobile

Mississauga, May 7, 2013 - Envision IT is pleased to announce the launch of the newly upgraded City of Barrie public website.

The City of Barrie has followed up on the successful redesign of the website in January, 2011 which made the site more user-friendly and accessible while providing increased functionality.

The most recent version of maintains the same design, but on a current web platform that is compliant with the City of Barrie's technology standards.  The decision was also made to optimize the site for mobile devices utilizing the latest adaptive and responsive design best practices to provide a better user experience that adapts to whatever device or browser people choose.

On a full size desktop browser the site appears fundamentally as it did previously, but as the browser size is reduced for tablet and mobile devices, the design adjusts to optimize for the smaller form factor. Envision IT accomplished this by leveraging adaptive web design techniques that will allow the site to respond correctly to the device on which it is being viewed.

It is expected that the upgraded site will reach a much broader target audience and encourage visitors to use more areas of the site thanks to an enhanced user experience on mobile devices.

Read more about the upgraded City of Barrie website.

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