recognizing the need for help navigating the Microsoft 365 ecosystem is just the first step!

The Microsoft 365 platform is constantly evolving and having a grasp on all the features and functionalities can be daunting. For this reason, we're happily on the bleeding edge of everything new that Microsoft releases. This allows us to not only configure Microsoft 365 for you, but to also bring educated and hands on experience to the forefront. 

Envision IT works with many of our clients to develop and implement multi-year, multi-phase roadmaps.  These are often spread over longer periods of time not just because of the technical effort involved, but also due to the change impact on the organization, and the impact large amounts of process change can have on any organization.

Consulting services we offer include:

  • Microsoft 365 Discovery Workshops
  • Digital Assets Assessments
  • General Microsoft 365 Consulting

One of the traits of Envision IT we are very proud of is the longevity of both staff and clients.  Our average staff tenure is over nine years, and we have many long term clients.  With this deep relationship, we become a trusted advisor long term to our clients, working with them not only on their technology roadmap, but their business roadmap that the technology is there to support.