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Court Case Management System

The Envision IT Court Case Manage​​ment System for SharePoint delivers a highly accessible, streamlined approach to the modern court process.

Benefits of the Court​​ Case Management System

  • Work with specialists who distill complex legal processes and procedures into relatively easy technical solutions.
  • Expert advice and documentation on site architecture and design to ensure that the environment is secure and performs above expectations
  • Highly regarded creative design capabilities to provide modern and visually appealing web sites that engage users and visitors and provide an intuitive user experience
  • End-user training provided by staff with a combination of training experience and legal/technical consulting experience to ensure successful user adoption

At our Court Case Management System's core is a superior Document Management and Information Management System – SharePoint. Our custom .NET modules leverage the inherent functionality offered by SharePoint and turn it into a highly configurable and adaptable Court Case Management System.

Developed with the knowledge that courts should be able to leverage existing investments in technology, the modular approach of our Court Case Management System facilitates this often tricky balance of maintaining an investment while progressing with new technologies.

This solution can be implemented on-premise, in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, or in a co-located data centre.

Core Modul​es Include​

  • Portal: A traditional Extranet Portal that is a secure gateway for the Court's clientele to achieve a closer interaction with the Court.
  • End User Management: Integrates with Active Directory to provide an added layer of intelligence. Both internal and external users are able to apply for accounts and obtain access to the Court's public facing modules.
  • Self-represented Litigants: May be customized to offer SRL's access based on an approval loop, or a collaborative workspace to work on documents in real time.
  • Court File: Authenticated users gain access to Court Files stored by the Court through security trimming and following set rules and procedures.
  • Electronic Initiations: Our Electronic Initiations module uses innovative techniques to allow for true real time electronic initiations, opening matters in the correct divisions and lists at the time of filing with appropriate security and permissions attached.
  • Electronic Filing: Once a Court File is opened as part of the Electronic Initiations, an authenticated user is able to electronically file directly into the Court File, with secure access provided to all participants in a case.
  • External Matter Management: This module enables the profession to "self-manage" many items that historically required Court or Registry intervention.
  • eTrial: We construct a case page that contains the Court File and a summary of pertinent information that can be used during a trial, as well as trial recordings and results.
  • Order Forms Generation: The forms generation and orders components are embedded in our Court Case Management system. 
  • Judicial Module: Judges have the ability to maintain a Judicial File that can be fully annotated and restricted to Judicial Access only. In addition Orders can be easily tracked and a Judges Schedule linked back to their calendar.
  • Scheduling: The Scheduling component manages resources of judges (areas of expertise) and court rooms (size and facilities).
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting: All interactions with the Court Case Management system are stored in SQL Server and as a result we are able to offer an in depth BI and reporting package that includes Judicial, Registry and Management Dashboards.

Court Case Management System for RedCrest, The Supreme Court of Victoria  

Court Case Management System for RedCrest, The Supreme Court of Victoria

Extranet User Manager 

By incorporating our Envision IT Extranet User Manager, key features are presented in the Court Case Management System:

  • Customizable registration form
  • Welcome email with secure password set token
  • EZLogin form allows login with email address and password, authenticated against Active Directory
  • Forgotten password reset through secure email token
  • Profile page
  • Password change
  • Admin console for managing users, groups, and group membership
  • Support for both on premise SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
  • Single Sign On functionality for internal users and appropriate external firms

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