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Custom 404

​The Envision IT Custom 404 feature allows you to easily redirect old or incorrect URL's on your SharePoint site to a variety of target pages. It can also be used to create shortened URLs for print or marketing purposes. Web sites that do not use custom 404 error pages often experience negative results for search engine placements, web site traffic, and user loyalty. Through the use of these custom 404 error pages, your company web site will be ranked higher from a search engine optimization perspective, bringing in more business to your company. Ensure your site visitors continue to find what they’re looking for when:

  • You want to use a friendly or shortened URL

  • Bookmarked pages have changed

  • Site visitors mistype your URL in their browser

  • An author has left a broken link on a page

  • The web site has been moved or updated to a newer version of SharePoint and thus inbound links will now be pointing to invalid URL's on the old site

When people abandon searches it translates directly into lost potential and revenue. The last thing you want on your new SharePoint web site is someone experiencing a 404 error as they browse around the site.​

The Envision IT Custom 404 for SharePoint is $500 per production SharePoint farm.



The Envision IT Custom 404 feature for SharePoint will eliminate 404 errors and provide a richer end-user experience. It can also be used to create shortened URLs for marketing purposes.

Setting up the feature is quite simple. The basic steps are:

  1. Add the solution to your farm

  2. Install the license file

  3. Activate the list template feature on your site

  4. Create a Custom404 list in the root of your site with each of the rules you want followed

  5. Create and publish any content pages you want as targets for your rules

You can see the rules defined on our site with the test page.

The accompanying table explains each of the rule types that can be defined.



Exact MatchRedirects visitors from an old specific URL to the matching new one
​Starts WithRedirects visitors from a particular part of your site to a specific page, based on the starting portion of the URL
Keyword MatchSelects common keywords in a bad URL and redirects users to the related page
DefaultCatch all rule when none of the others match. Redirects visitors to a page that invites them to search again or suggests alternates when they mistype a URL

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.