Extranet Documents

Is SharePoint too 'SharePointy' for your external users?

Distributing and collecting documents with external parties can be challenging, particularly as the number of documents and parties expand. Out of the box Microsoft 365 functionality such as the Request Files feature in OneDrive are fantastic for simple document collection from external parties, however they can be challenging to scale to larger scenarios. This is where Extranet Documents excels!

Extranet Documents is a stand-alone Azure hosted web application that enables you to completely tailor and simplify the end user experience of sharing, and/or uploading documents. This provides external users an easy upload and tagging experience that is ultimately storing documents in an underlying SharePoint Online site. However, it eliminates the complexities of having users login directly into SharePoint Online.

Extranet Documents features include:

  • Document Upload
    • Drag and drop any number of documents
    • Simple configurable dialogue to allow users to easily assign metadata to the documents
  • Document Edit and Delete
    • Metadata applied on the document set determines whether a document can be edited or deleted
  • Document Download
    • Single or multi-select documents for download
  • Document Set Wizard
    • Can display any document metadata including hyperlinks
    • Forms can be integrated with approval work flows
  • Simple SharePoint Configuration
    • No code configuration of the Extranet Documents interface
Extranet Documents graphic