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What is StreetPerfect.NET?

StreetPerfect.NET is a powerful bilingual web service, providing cost effective address verification for both US and Canadian addresses.

Developed by Envision IT, and based upon Sun Media Corp’s StreetPerfect software toolkit, StreetPerfect.NET delivers real-time address look-up, verification, validation and correction capabilities that call on the US Postal Service and Canada Post databases.


Who can use StreetPerfect.NET?

StreetPerfect is a suitable application for any business that wants to maintain an accurate up-to-date database of its client information. Businesses such as call centres that need real-time address verifications, eCommerce and Customer Self Service websites would benefit greatly from this application. StreetPerfect can also provide businesses that engage in direct mail marketing campaign a tool to update existing databases or provide the basis for new postal code specific databases.

Try it Out

The simplest way to see how StreetPerfect.NET works is to try it out. Simply click on Test Drive and try finding or verifying an address.

How much will this service cost my company?

StreetPerfect.NET is charged on a pay per use fee or on a transaction basis – similar to your telephone charges. Please refer to the Pricing Schedule for more information. StreetPerfect.NET is featured on the Windows Azure Marketplace.


Envision IT's StreetPerfect.NET is comprised of 2 functions:

  • Correct Ad​​dress
    • This focuses on the need to ensure that entered data is accurate
    • This web service function checks against a current database of valid addresses to verify that the street address, postal/zip code, and city represent a real location
    • Even if some of the information is wrong the entries can be corrected, ensuring accurate information
  • Suggest​ Address
    • This provides a method of rapidly collecting accurate information with minimal data entry
    • Valid address ranges described by the entry of a postal or zip code are returned and can easily be used to populate forms

Other Features

  • Delivers real-time address look-up, verification, validation, and correction capabilities that call on the US Postal Service and Canada Post databases
  • A bilingual web service hosted on Windows Azure
  • Ideally suited to businesses doing between 1,000 and 10,000 verification transactions monthly
  • Extremely cost effective - you only pay for what you use and there is no installation fee or additional service cost

For more details see the StreetPerfect.NET Tech Notes.​

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.