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Tech Notes

StreetPerfect.NET is an XML Web service with a SOAP API that allows you to add verification and lookup functionality to your application that calls on the US Postal Service and Canada Post databases of StreetPerfect.NET.

We’ve included some sample downloadable code to help you learn how to use StreetPerfect.NET at the bottom of this page.

The formal Web-service description document (streetperfect.wsdl) is an XML document that defines the format of messages that StreetPerfect.NET uses. The service description serves as an agreement that defines the behaviour of StreetPerfect.NET and instructs potential clients in how to interact with it.

StreetPerfect.NET is comprised of two functions:

  • Correct Address
    • This ensures that entered data is accurate
    • This web service function checks against a current database of valid addresses to verify that the street address, postal/zip code, and city represent a real location
    • Even if some of the information is wrong the entries can be corrected, ensuring accurate information
  • Suggest Address
    • This provides a method of rapidly collecting accurate information with minimal data entry
    • Valid address ranges described by the entry of a postal or zip code are returned and can easily be used to populate forms

Developer Notes

Here is a StreetPerfect.NET Developer GuideBook (PDF Format) for the StreetPerfect.NET Web service. It includes the function definitions and the status codes.

Access the StreetPerfect.NET XML description document to review the Service Description for the StreetPerfect.NET Web service.

To reference the streetperfect.wsdl for use with a project in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, from the Project menu in Visual Studio .NET, click Add Web Reference, and then enter After the page loads, click the appropriate production or staging link above, and then click Add Reference.

Downloadable Samples

All the samples will require a valid license key to use the web service. You can get a Free 30 day trial license key or subscribe by conta​cting us.

Sample .NET application with source (VB.NET). This sample demonstrates the functions and result codes as well as the Web Service interface, when using the VisualStudio.NET environment. It is a winform.Net application, that is similar to the web based Test Drive on this site.​

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