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College Pro Painters 

College Pro CPOWER Knowledge Management Solution

"I Envision... having an all-encompassing web site that gives our franchisees everything they need to manage their business while providing exceptional reporting and control capabilities for us.” - April Broome, National Controller

The Cli​ent 

College Pro Painters was founded by a college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1971. It is North America’s original and most successful student-run painting and window-cleaning company. Nearly 25,000 homes in communities across North America are treated annually with their interior and exterior house painting and window-cleaning services. All  managers – who are franchisees – are full time college students.

Today College Pro Painters  is the largest residential painting company in North America. College Pro is a highly focused, tightly measured franchise program that uses over 80 full-time staff to recruit, train and operate hundreds of student run franchises annually.  They operate in 28 U.S. states and in 7 Canadian provinces, and every year they recruit, select, and extensively train hundreds of franchise managers to deliver quality house-painting and window-cleaning services, run their own businesses, and uphold the promise of the College Pro Painters brand.

The ​Solution 

Envision IT developed an internet-based enterprise system that has revolutionized communication within the organization. It provides: 

  • Instant entry of sales leads and customer service issues into a shared database by both call centres and line staff
  • Access over the internet for 800 franchisees to their individual sales leads for follow up and to record customer project details and revenue
  • Full reporting for all levels of the organization
  • Corporate-wide user database for reporting structure, security and HR
  • Integration with back-end accounting and payroll system
  • On-line budget, goal setting, weekly input and end of season close-down workflows
  • On-line interactive training and testing for franchises and painters

CPOWER provides a host of information for users at all levels 

Secure Login for Extranet Users 

The Re​sults

  • Easy access to up-to-the-minute information for everyone in the organization
  • Significant labour savings in the collection of information
  • Updated, leading edge image with potential franchises
  • Consistent business processes across the organization

Award-Winnin​g Solution

Envision IT was awarded the 2002 Microsoft e-Business Solution Award for work on this project.

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