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Supreme Court of Victoria Public Website and Extranet

The Client

The Supreme Court of Victoria is located in Melbourne, Australia and around 8,500 cases are filed each year. The Supreme Court of Victoria is the highest level court in the state of Victoria and deals with the state's most serious criminal and complex civil cases each year. The Supreme Court is divided into the Trial Division, which handles Crime, Common Law and Commercial and Equity cases, and the Court of Appeal, which determines whether a trial was conducted fairly, and whether the law was correctly applied.


The Challenge

The existing processes of the Supreme Court of Victoria are entirely paper based, which is outdated and time-consuming for all parties involved. The court has mandated that these processes become paperless by 2016. Past attempts at creating a streamlined, paperless system have not been successful. The new RedCrest project, implemented by Envision IT, will be the first section of the court to move closer to the goal of a true paperless court system. This will reduce administrative costs for both the Court and for law firms. In addition to becoming paperless, the RedCrest site will offer 24/7 access to initiate and interact with cases. The visibility and findability of court documents will improve greatly. The expectation in today's world is that companies move towards paperless systems, and this solution satisfies that need.

Initiating a new case 

The ​Solution

The user will enter RedCrest through a publicly available site and information about the program will be made available anonymously. The home page will feature general information about RedCrest, news bulletins, as well as links to sign up for an account and log in.

Once they create their own account, barristers and solicitors will be able to initiate a case. As they follow the case initiation process, the site will collect pertinent information as well as fees that need to be paid. A SharePoint site will be created for each case that is filed. Other parties, including the defendants and additional plaintiffs, can join a case by filing the appropriate documents. The case site will be the central repository for all of the documents and details associated with the case. In addition, each case site will feature a private area for the allocated judge to store his/her own documents.

Additional online processes include:

  • Filing a Notice of Appearance;
  • Defense and Counterclaim;
  • Allocation of judges;
  • Trial scheduling;
  • Document management;
  • Search;
  • And reporting.

The initial platform for the site was a hybrid of Office 365 and a cloud-hosted environment (Azure) to host custom-built SharePoint Apps. It has since been migrated to a full cloud-hosted environment running SharePoint Server 2013.

Following the launch of the new RedCrest site for the Supreme Court of Victoria, the case initiation process will become paperless and submissions can be made from anywhere with a connection to the Internet. Authorized users will always be able to get an up-to-date status of each of their cases.

Extranet User M​​anager

The user management for the site is provided through Envision IT's Extranet User ​Manager. Through this barristers and solicitors may:

  • Self-register on the site;

  • Login with their email address and password;

  • Reset a forgotten password;

  • And manage their profile.

Extranet User Manager supports a customized registration form and is implemented with the branding of the Supreme Court of Victoria (the RedCrest). The Court specified all mandatory and optional fields which appear on the registration page. Upon registration a welcome email is sent to the user, which contains a link with a secure token to set his/her password for the account. Once registration is complete the user may log in to the site to interact with RedCrest.

Logging in to the Portal

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