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Toronto-Dominion Centre Public Website

"I Envision... a stylish yet functional website that captures the elegance and vibrancy of the Toronto-Dominion Centre and acts as a driver for growth .” - David Hoffman, Senior Property Manager​

The Client

Toronto-Dominion Centre, owned and managed by The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, is one of North America's largest business communities. Located at the heart of Toronto's financial core, its presence, reputation and stature make it an architectural, corporate and cultural landmark. Each business day, it is home to 21,000 office citizens. Its visionary design, enviable location, superb amenities and impeccable tenant service have shaped the success of a generation of Canada's most respected business leaders. The Centre consists of six towers in a six acre complex and is home to over 100 tenants while the retail concourse has more than 75 shops and restaurants.

    The new Toronto-Dominion Centre homepage with illustrations by Bruce Roberts     Existing tenants find all the information they need on services, amenities, news and events

The ​S​olution

Following on the success of the Cadillac Fairview Retail Web Sites Project, Envision IT was approached to create a public web site template for eight Cadillac Fairview office properties across the country, starting with the prestigious Toronto-Dominion Centre. The resulting site, , is geared towards tenants, service providers, brokers, the media and general public. The website was developed in SharePoint 2007 and its clean lines and enhanced functionality effectively mirror the personality of the property. The site features illustrations by acclaimed artist Bruce Roberts that capture the life and energy of this remarkable community.

Visitors to the site can easily find information on property services and amenities, upcoming news and events, retail job availability, appropriate departmental information and green initiatives. An intuitive tenant directory allows visitors to search for tenants by name or category, and includes full contact details and web links.  An interactive Silverlight floor plan provides access to the over 75 shops and restaurants in the retail concourse.

For potential tenants and brokers, the office availability area of the site is remarkable in its very simplicity. Users can see up to date availability by building a suite with the Interactive Stacking Plan, and can download floor plans and photos of individual suites. Maintaining the list of available suites is easy for content authors who complete an online form to create web pages that display both immediate and future availability. The Envision IT Extranet User Manager for SharePoint enables easy management of Extranet user accounts so that tenants with the appropriate permissions can publish retail job postings and store promotions.

The vibrancy of the Toronto-Dominion Centre site is further enhanced with photographs displayed in gallery-format using Envision IT’s Silverlight Photo Viewer This tool allows images to be effectively displayed and organized, allowing visitors to view pictures stored in multiple picture libraries as a slide show or download high resolution versions.

All in all, the new Toronto-Dominion Centre web site serves not only to enhance the image and personality of the property, it promises to be a great source for information, and a driver for growth.

Other Office Properties recently launched using this template include:

The interactive Silverlight Floor Plan allows users to easily search for shops and restaurants 

​The Results

  • A stylish, distinctive site that reflects the image of the organization and properties
  • An effective tool for promoting the property to potential tenants and brokers
  • Layouts and custom web parts that simplify content authoring and uploading of photos and documents into the correct areas
  • Workflows that support content approval by area of the site
  • A single portal where tenants can find all the necessary information they need around their facilities
  • A forms repository for service providers that ensures they are fully informed of rules and regulations
  • An interactive site that encourages feedback and repeat visits
Visitors can find current availability by building, suite and square footageFloor plans and suite photographs are available for download 
The Envision IT Photo Viewer allows visitors to view and interact with property photographs 

From the envisioning stage to delivery, we work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions that empower your business.