Teams and Sites Provisioning

Define a structure that allows users to work efficiently without hindering their creativity

Do you love Microsoft Teams but notice things are getting out of hand? No need to worry, we have a couple approaches to strengthen how you utilize Teams in your organization and streamline how Teams are requested and created. As the adoption of Teams as a collaboration platform soars, so will your administrative backlog. We encourage our clients to set up for a successful Teams roll out by enabling self-service Teams creation that has the structure to scale.

What we do

  • Define Teams information architecture with alignment to your business
  • Build custom Teams templates for your organization including;
    • Teams naming policies
    • Default Channels
    • Tabs within Channels
    • Approval workflows
  • Make a recommendation on a platform that will support your extranet scenario;
    • Envision IT's Open Source Teams Provisioning solution
    • Orchestry for Microsoft 365


  • Removes the reliance on IT to manage Teams creation requests and manual provisioning
  • Provides templated workspaces built specifically for your users
  • Enables users to self-service request a Team or SharePoint site
Teams Provisioning Graphic

Orchestry for Microsoft 365

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Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Microsoft 365.