Extranet User Manager

Extranet User Manager ensures you have the tools to streamline how you onboard, share, and collaborate with your external stakeholders

Extranet User Manager is an Envision IT built product that provides a seamless onboarding experience for external users into specified sources you would like to share. It allows IT to define a granular permission structure and then delegate the user management to the business.

Extranet User Manager can be deployed on top of Microsoft 365, SharePoint On-Premises, custom applications, or deeply integrated into your line-of-business systems. Extranet User Manager has been deployed to over 100 enterprise organizations globally. Each of them benefit from the features below:

  • Branded login experience
  • Custom email templates
  • Self-registration
  • Rich auditing and user reporting

Please visit our Extranet User Manager product page to learn more about the product.

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