Extranet User ManagerThe Extranet User Manager is an easy-to-use website application that contains a robust set of administrative and end-user features to enable collaboration with your external users. Some of the benefits of the Extranet User Manager include collaboration with external partners, easy login, the preservation of your corporate brand, among other features.

Custom 404 

The Custom 404 feature allows you to easily redirect old or incorrect URL's on your SharePoint site to a variety of target pages. It can also be used to create shortened URLs for print or marketing purposes. Websites that do not use custom 404 error pages often experience negative results for search engine placements, website traffic, and user loyalty. Through the use of these custom 404 error pages, your company website will be ranked higher from a search engine optimization perspective, bringing in more business.


StreetPerfect.NET is a powerful bilingual web service that provides cost effective address verification for both US and Canadian addresses. Developed by Envision IT, and based upon Sun Media Corp’s StreetPerfect software toolkit, StreetPerfect.NET delivers real-time address look up, verification, validation, and correction capabilities that call on the US Postal Service and Canada Post databases.

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