Your employees need a central spot to start and end their day. Make your intranet that spot.

Looking to strengthen your organization wide communications and drive employee engagement? By building an intuitive and easy to use SharePoint Online based intranet, you can do just that! Leveraging SharePoint Online modern sites, we build beautiful staff portals where your employees can start and end their day.

Common functionalities that we integrate into the staff portals we build are:

  • Global Navigation
  • News Feeds
  • Social Feeds
  • Company Events Calendar
  • CEO Announcements
  • People Directory
  • Search

The immediate benefits of implementing a company intranet include:

  • Increases employee engagement and transparency from shop floor to C-suite
  • Unify organizations where employees are geographically dispersed or working remotely
  • Members are advised of updates as they need them

Valo Intranet

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Valo Intranet is a commercial intranet in-a-box solution that enhances, simplifies, and enables your staff to take full advantage of everything that Microsoft 365 has to offer.